V6 here now

Made the decision to swap from the S2 to the v6, collected her on Monday and after a long drive home the car is exceptional, comfortable on the motorway, handles a dream, plenty of power at your disposal. Roll on the summer :mrgreen:

A few photos the dealer sent me prior to collecting

Yesterday they took a deposit from a customer for my S2 exige so hopefully the new owner will have plenty of happy miles in her just as I did.


very cool

Nice one Adrian, catch up with you soon no doubt and get a first hand look.


How you fixed on Sunday 5th June for the Supercar Sunday at Humshaugh?

if the sun is shining then yes, we’ll get some food this time!

Sounds like a plan, will see if I can get a couple more Lotus boys to put the ferrari’s in the shade

Great news Adrian, car looks ace. :sunglasses:
I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Looks stunning Adrian.
Look forward to seeing it and catching up

Brilliant, Adrian. Great choice of colour :smiley:

Love the colour

Thanks guys, wasn’t really looking for yellow but once I saw it in the flesh I was hooked


Just needs A nice set of forged alloys…

If you have any spare (free) then I will pop down and pick them up :laughing:

Please do not be so rude - FREE :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


I can see Dave’s face now.

LoL again

Ha ha

Going to get it run in for LOT at Croft on 1st July Adrian?

Unfortunately I am working in London for the next month or so :frowning: