V6 Going

Spend some time at Hethel yesterday…
2 hours looking at one car, They eventually chucked me out !!!
Production is apparently now in April
Chassis number for my car is allocated.
Im told Hofmanns/ Mine was the first deposit actually paid.???..

Well done Dave

You crazy man Dave! 3-11 430 will be mega.

I’m thinking of going the opposite way eventually…2-11 to something more useable more of the time, even when it’s lashing down with rain.

Can’t wait to see your new car, exciting stuff! :slight_smile:

I have a 111r Elise with full 211 running gear, Inc GT4 brakes with pilbeam peddle box.
Also 270 bhp upgrade. This will be used when it rains so best of both worlds!!

Interesting to see the 3-11 430 has a proper diff. I wonder why they fit it to everything 430 except the Exige?

They probably read Exiges.com and know that Pesky,s driver training far outweighs the benefit of a proper diff :slight_smile:

Production started with an estimated completion (ready to collect from Hethel) 30/4/18


Having seen a couple of 311s in the flesh recently they have really blown me away. Initial reaction from the press photos was that they looked a bit big/heavy when compared to the 211.
Now having seen them up close all I can think is that they are a proper bit of kit. Wow. And that’s without even having sat in or driven one. :thumbup:

Exciting!! When’s the shakedown?

Hopefully at a circuit in Norfolk!!!very soon…

Just seen your old V6 on Hofmann’s forecourt looking fab :sunglasses:

Corrected for you

:clap: :thumbup:

Great result :thumbup:

Glowing review of the 311 Cup 430 in this months EVO mag - they seem to think it’s something very special indeed :sunglasses:

Wait until they put it up against a Por…oh, forget it :crazy:

Yes quite looking forward to getting it!
At hethel tomorrow so not likely to get much sleep tonight… Collection planned for last day of this month…

Saw my new baby today…completed rolling chassis with engine and box fitted.
As I left at about 11.45am the seats where just going into the car
When I got home at 4.00pm I checked my emails , I had a email arrived mid afternoon with a few pictures showing some body work fitted.
Collection is arrange for the afternoon of Monday 30th April (Subject to the car having a successful IVA test in the morning)
This is going to be the longest wait in the world!!!

Some of us may be at Donny on the 30th. Early pick up and head straight there :thumbup: