V6 Elise Anyone?

Hi AllAuto Express are reporting a Toyota V6 engined up market Elise by the end of 2003.Go here http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_index.php?cp=1&page=news%2Fae_news_story.php%3F id%3D31967 for a look at the storyRegardsMike[This message has been edited by 83man (edited 27 November 2002).]

Buggar, 83man, I’ve posted same topic on K series Engine site…

Autoexpress if full of dodo. It will not be a V6, I wonder what kind of drugs those clowns do when they dream that crap up.Roy

Hi Mike,Don’t know if any of you guys have seen the German mag that had a mk2 Elise with an Audi V6 engine in it,about 280 bhp,they looked like they had done a good job,i can’t tell you what it said about it as i can’t read German!peter

Senna 1 has got it almost right. The car in question is the Lotus Esthi They are building a run of 25 vehicles. See http://www.brandes-dschuedow.de/start_imprint.html

there are a few engine tuners in germany who do work on the elise. check out www.thielert.com how is racing 2 elisees and are developing a GT1 V8 engine 3.6l 400hp and a 620hp biturbo engine. the also upgrade the K series engine with a turbo to get it to 210hpsteff