Used car sites . . . useful?

Anyone any experience of/observations about using sites such as Motorway/ WeBuyAnyCar etc?
Not selling the Exige of course but my other thrill machine: 2014 RS4 Avant (3 owners, low mileage 45k) in case anyone is interested

I used CarWow to sell the wifes Mini Cooper SD.

It was absolutely no hassle at all. Pictures were uploaded to their website, a genuine description offered and then dealers came in to bid.

After the advert went live it was approximatly 24h later that the car was in the auction and it sold to a dealer who came and collected 6 days later with an instant bank trasfer.

The price was above PX and all in all very happy with the experience.

Similarly I used motorway to sell my EV6, it was at peak of market and sold it after 12 months / 12k miles for what I brought it for. It was sold in principle, collected and paid for within 72 hrs, zero hassle. :+1:

Thanks, fellas. That’s encouraging. I’ve been dragging my feet as I really don’t wangt to sell (under presure from Mrs Thommo!). Maybe it’s time . . .

Tell Mrs Thommo it’s a future classic - better to keep hold :sunglasses:

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We’ve used Motorway a few times, really good and easy!

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Thanks. Charlie. That’s encouraging.

I have sold a couple of cars on Motorway. Both times haggled down a little at collection. Bit otherwise straightforward.

Thanks, Neil.