USA 2000 Exige - Mosport Brakes

Owner: Bob KiepOccupation: Partner at Consulting Firm ( Colour: Chrome Orange :-OInterior: Race seats & 5 pt. harnesses, Fire System, Roll CageNumber: 249Mileage: 1015 - 500+ Track Miles!Current Modifications: 3-way Dynamics Dampers, F550lbs/R600lbs Eibach springs and Hoosier RS03 Slicks, Camber F~1.8;R~2.5; Ride Height F100mm/R110mmFuture Modifications: QED 220BHP normally aspirated engine tune, ?Gemini Sequential box?DIARY:The story Lotus USA gave me about this car (#80249) was that this specimen was destined for Germany before I bought it. It was modified in May to USA track-only spec.The bad part is it sat at Lotus until LATE JULY waiting for the Motorsport brake to be fitted! So no track driving for this car in 2001.Broke-in the car with 500 miles of highway driving down in Atlanta in October 2001.2002: Fantastic track sessions: Road America, Putnam, Gingerman, Blackhawk and especially Grattan.[This message has been edited by beto (edited 28 August 2002).][This message has been edited by beto (edited 01 November 2002).]