US Exige - LOG 25

Just saw the press release stating that the US Exige would be unveiled at the LOG25 meeting in St. Louis and the end of this month. Here’s a link to the Lotus Ltd site and the press release:

It says that the car is undergoing extreme climate testing now on US soil. If this is essentially the same Exige currently available everywhere else, why would it have to go through climate testing again? Is this a requirement to have the car approved in the States, or could this indicate that the car isn’t the same?

I doubt they’ve run it as hot as it’d need to be in some parts of the US. Also you expect your cars to be more reliable than we do, and I think there’s a smaller margin made, so less to ‘give back’ in warrenty claims.

Cars outside the UK are apparently fitted with twin oil coolers as std, so they know there’s a cooling concern.

I’d expect it to be slightly heavier than the UK car, as I believe the Federal Elise is.