Urgent, track silencer for 410

Ok, so today I picked up my new Exige 410 and it’s amazing. I have a track day booked for next Monday with Evo (Goodwood, been booked a while) and I’m now pretty sure the 410 will be too loud for even the 105/101db tests… even at “running in” levels of throttle.

I know it’s a bit necky for a noob to ask, but as I’ve got no chance of buying one in time for Monday, does anyone have a dB eater or dB reducer I can borrow or rent? Maidstone are testing one but currently it’s with a customer.


Thus MAY be an option.

I’ve got a similar problem with a Goodwood looming and I’m sure my S1 Exige will fail.

I expect Dt could get it to you by Saturday.

Thanks for the reply. It looks like it does the trick where needed but I’m not sure how it will fit over the pig snout exhaust.