Urgent help needed

In the rush to stick 1/2 gallon of juice into my S2 to get to the local petrl station, I’ve gone a put in about 1/2 gallon of diesel from the spare can I keep in my garage for the wife’s Golf.

What should I do - I’m scared to ask my dealer tomorrow, in case my warranty gets invalidated???

Please help - thanks in advance.

Doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight thinking about this.


You will need to drain it out – apart from not burning properly it clogs up the injectors and generally makes a mess of everything i think, so don’t even try and run your car.

Nobby, you can sometimes get a pipe in the tank from the filler neck. Try and find someone with a really good set of lungs and see if you can get a bit back out that way. If you can get the ratio of diesel/petrol down far enough, sometimes it is possible to get home.


Undo the feul pipe from the fuel filter and put there a can.
Then turn on the fuel pump to empty the tank. Then put in the tank some 10 liters of good fuel and emty again. after that u can completely fill the tank and it should be ok.

good luck

This happened to a S2 at Croft last week too! After efforts to remove it (without a big strip down) failed it was decided to completely fill it with good fuel.

It seemed to be running fine when I left. Anybody know what the complete outcome was?


ps. Welcome Nobby! Here’s to happier future postings.

Thanks for the advice.

I like Nicholas’s suggestion of letting the fuel pump do the work! I had thought about siphoning off the damn diesel, but really didn’t fancy getting a mouthful of the stuff.

I’ll have a hunt round for the fuel filter later today.

Thanks again.

Fuel filter is on the passenger (if RHD) side of the engine bay, best to remove the bit of plastic trim round the sides then it’s up quite high.


P.S. if you know you have a bit of diesel contamination and the car won’t start a bit of brake cleaner in the air intake will fire it up, it’ll knock like hell and kick out some horrible diesel smoke but can be a useful tip to get you moving again!

1/2 a gallon is only 2 liters.
I would just fill it up with fuel and the diesel will dilute to such a tiny concentration that I would be very surprised if it harmed anything.
I would give that a go…

No disrespect to JayCee, as he thought the fuel in my green can was petrol, but it seems a bit daft to make a mistake like that. If it had been me, I would’nt come on a forum like this and admit to it!

Was hoping to keep my head down on this one, felt like slashing my wrist’s at the time and I don’t think I’ll ever live this one down.
You can get a syphon pipe down into the tank, but we did not have one long enough to get low enought to get it syphoning properly so we only got a cupfull and three mouthfulls out of the tank. (thanks you guys that took it in turns to suck the tube) I did have to laugh though seeing Amanda on the floor sucking for all she was worth and saying tell me when it’s coming
We couldn’t get to the fuel pipe from the fuel filter, pump or anything, well hidden on the S2. I ended up buying fuel from people taht were still at the circuit and managed to brim the tank to dilute, I maybe had around 3 n half litres of diesel left in by then. The car ran perfect so assume had diluted it enough, the exhaust was a little sooty by the time I got home, around 130 miles. I was advised by people in the know (probably coz they have done similar that to run it back down to almost empty then fill up again. Still at least there are a couple of dual fuel S2’s out there now

Look on the bright side guys, at least you wernt driving a diesal and put petrol in it … unlike our service guy

Lets say a Vito diesal lasts about 2 milliseconds on petrol before going bang

If it had been me, I would’nt come on a forum like this and admit to it!

I expect to get battered for years over this one. Steve_E had a dig soon as I arrived at Mallory on Sunday, checking my bike for diesel

Just for everyone’s benefit - I followed Jaycee back home from Croft, & there was absolutely no visable evidence of burning diesel coming from his exhaust.

That’s a relief to hear, Mr Pesky!

I’ve managed to sort mine out too, & have filled it up with gallons of pungent Optimax Got one of my mates to follow me for a drive of 20 miles or so, & all appears well.

Thanks again, everyone, for your helpful advice