Upset at Nick Whales Lotus!

I called Nick Whales last week to ask if i could view their orange Exige today, Wednesday. No problem the salesman said, so after taking my number it was agreed i would travel from Newcastle to Bromsgrove to view it. Yesterday i booked a hotel in the Midlands for last night and called to make sure it was still ok for me to view the car! Its SOLD the salesman said! THANKYOU i said! Not only has it cost me a day off work but also �52.00 for a Travelodge that i couldnt cancel! What happened to common courtesy? A phone call would have been nice to say it had been sold! I for one shall not be buying from Nick Whales in the future!


Sounds like a nightmare … I’m surprised the dealership didn’t take a small refundable-deposit subject to you liking the car. That way they wouldn’t have sold it.

Bad form that matey - I would have thought a grovelly apology, a refund of your hotel room and an invite to the next lotus dealer trackday would be the least they could do!!!

With forums like these they cant afford to cock people about

It would seem that they have more customers than cars!

Sorry to hear of your experience…I’ve had a car from them and found them very good…