Uprated Suspension

Has anyone got some track comparison between the standard exige suspension and the sport suspension. Would be curious to know what sort of time can be had setting up the normal setup properly vs the sport.

Want to try and get the car down to a 1:10 at the local track, current best 1:11.9 so some work to be done.


??? Standard Exige suspension = Lotus Sports Suspension.

You need to (probably!) change to Nitron dampers plus harder springs. The latter will depend upon whether or not you use the car on the road. Have you adjusted the front ARB to its stiffist position, & set the geo up with some negative camber (can’t remember the recommended setting, but somebody else will do!)?

A site search will probably throw up the best settings as I’m sure that they were discussed in the last month or so. Sorry can’t be more help - downed a few “scoops” earlier this evening

Thanks Pesky,

We have adjusted the roll bar and replaced the front springs with stiffer one’s to compensate for their tendancy to lift rear wheel in fast sweepers.

The Geometry has been set to about the best we could get it, with maximum camber etc, the lotus recomended track setting makes the car far to twitchy at high speed so we adjusted the rear toe.

The nitron suspension is what i had in mind, offering some more adjustment possibilities and a drop in ride height. Use the car on the road only when the mood takes me so it’s purely for track use.


Lifting the rear wheel?

Surely on fast sweepers you’d be on the gas, no? didn’t you mean lifting the front wheel?

Nope we have some fast off camber sweepers and if you take it pinned the front compresses which cause the outside rear wheel to lift slightly and the reslutant effect is a spectacular 100mph spin. Although the LSD is far more composed it does still take a slight correction at the apex as the rear wheel lifts. Taking this specific corner flat was not possible with the standard front springs as the car would just simply let go as it ran out of travel in the front.

That’s why i am thinking some ride height and other adjustments could only help the overall balance of the car.

Where abouts in SA are you ?

Mine lifts the inside rear in certain conditions (donington - macleans) which then spins. I was advised that it was caused by lack of travel in the rear shocks although the soft standard springs have got to be the major reason.

I’m in Johannesburg Phil.

Randy i think we changed to 350 pound front springs which will help that situation quite alot.

I’ll be going to springs of similar stiffness at some stage along with Nitrons.

The standard setup isn’t great IMHO opinion and I’m suprised Lotus didn’t do a better job. 50% stiffer springs and more bump and even more rebound on the back would be a great road setup.