Uprated Brake Kit

I have all the bits needed to prep your S2 brakes for trackdays consisting of.
1 set Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses A.B.S.
1 set Pagid RS42 Pads full set
2x Castrol SRF Brake Fluid

Cost from Eliseparts �400.00

Also Lightweight Ali Jack cost �98.00

All above are brand new & still boxed
Make me a sensible offer in no rush to throw more money away.

What are you doing instead Trevor?

GT3 per chance?

Hiya Rob,
No I’m not going to be messing about with cars for some time due to purchase of swanky, over the top penthouse.
I made a big mistake & really should have gone along to a trackday before committing to the car.
Never mind I’m sure you’ve not seen the last of me
Take care!


Hi Trev

Aren’t all penthouses over the top…of cheap appartments!

Sorry that you & Martin won’t be driving at a trackday for the foreseeable future - I was hoping for some free instruction from you!

Keep your eye on exiges.com, & keep in touch - would be great to see you [& your new bint(s)] again during 2008

PS Our mutual acquaintance says he’s phoned you about the property, but that you haven’t yet spoken. He is interested, so I hope you can get together in the not too distant future

Cheers, You’re a mate!