I’m after some advice, I have a S2 Exige fitted with Ohlins dampers. On track I am experiencing alot of body roll, I have the dampers dialed into the Lotus spec for the track.
My question is, would fitting an uprated anti roll bar (like the one Elise parts sell) make an improvement?

Lotus ‘offers’ an adjustable (5 Position) ARB to use with the Ohlins. I had one fitted with the suspension upgrade, but as yet no use on track.

With the Ohlins on road settings the ARB is on the middle hole. It certainly corners flat in road use, but i’m comparing against a 111R standard set up. Not sure of the benefit Vs the exige item (which i think uses the 111R ARB )

If you plan a few trackdays, maybe worth considering the track control arm too.

AFAIK Lotus recommends the adjustable ARB is fitted with the Ohlins.

Hi Tim, Sorry of my ignorance is the uprated track control arm for the rear of the car? Have heard of some horror stories of them failing.

Yes, it’s for the rear & shares the load in corners to prevent (toe link?) failure.

Two Factory versions are available:-

  1. the production item as fitted to all Exige S models (circa �300) or
  2. the Lotus Sport version, which is a better quality but more expensive than the production one.

I also have the Lotus Sport Ohlins. The standard ARB was far too soft, so I upgraded to the adjustable offered by Plans. Also felt that this was too soft so then moved to their race spec adjustable bar, and this has been a great improvement. My advice would be, if changing go straight to the race spec bar.