Upgrading tyres - Toe link strong enough?

I am fromt the Dark Side! I have a VXR however please forgive me that because I do have a serious question that I am hoping you might be able to answer.

At the moment the Yokohama A048 tyre is becoming pretty trendy on VX’s.

I understand that owners of Exiges have had a few problems with toe links after fitting A048’s. After witnessing my friend exit the Nurburgring last weekend when either he came off the track, glanced the Armco and bent the toe link, or overloaded and bent the toe link and come off the track glancing the Armco(?), I want to warn VX owners of the potetial problem.

Any advice please?


Standard Exige toe links are up to the job! Advisable to upgrade them, if you are regularly using slicks on track.

In saying that, most regular Exige track drivers have upgraded the toe links, even though they don’t run on slicks.

I’ve never heard of a standard toe link itself breaking without an “off” incident, although I think a couple of guys have had a retaining bolt shear. If you do a “search” on this site, you should find an interesting debate on the subject.

Nice car, by the way

Guzzler, I think Pesky has it covered there. Although I’m just upgrading mine now I run on A048s on track, just in case.

If the Toe-link bent when it hit the armco it could have done its job in not damaging the chassis - a good thing.

Pesky do you know if it was the toe-link bolt that went on Vortex’s S2 at Anglesey?


Thanks guys. From what I have been told the VXR suspension is based on the Exige whilst the VXT suspension is based on the Elise. Are the toe links the same?

Hmm? Isn’t the rear sub-frame slightly different/longer in the VX? Possibly due to the bigger engine? So (sorry) I think my answer to your question is only ‘Possibly’.

You may have reached the limit of our knowledge here, and perhaps a call to Lotus’ buying dept may be your only answer. It’s the kind of thing Phil may know but he’s currently (apparently) smarting from a VX related incident with his wife.



most people here are running on A048’s and although some have changed to upgraded toe links, they have done so for peace of mind.

But many of us are still on the same linls, and so far there has been no evidence of them getting damaged, ok, other than me bending one at Cadwell while spinning over a curb. Replaced it with the same type.
Ah, and the wheel was slightly bent (wobbling sideways), so they can’t be that bad.

Maybe some day I’ll do the reinforced ones, but no, they’re ok. If you go the full monty, slicks, harder springs, more downforce, then I’d say they’re needed. As it is, the VXR has less downforce than the std Exige, so it can’t be that bad.

I would say that your friend bent it while passeing over the curb, or hitting the armco.

Thank you for your help guys. By the sounds of things I do not need to worry on the behalf of my fellow VX owners.

I’d say that Nylon/solid bushes will do more for stopping breakages than upgrading toe links will.

I should add my friend managed 8 mins 10 BTG in his supercharged VX. I think I would only be 5or 10 seconds behind in my VXR.