upgrades for sale

to any interested:

i am thinking of selling my Exige and plan to bring it back to standard spec before doing so. that will leave me with many upgrades looking for a good home.

Am happy to sell as are or come to an arrangement for anyone wishig to “trade up” for standard bits

the list of goodies include:

  1. engine: fully rebuilt, and recently “freshened” up with Dave Andrews Head fully ported and polished and big valve conversion, revised cooling, forged crank, pistons, liners etc etc (can get full spec on request for serious punters. This motor has been dyno-tested at 240bhp!and would have to be amongst most powerful normally aspirated K Series around. together with Motec M4 Pro ECU.

  2. Bespoke steel extractors exhaust (ceramic coated)with cat by-pass

  3. straight-cut UCR box (has seen one race only)with Quaife ATB diff

  4. Pro-flex 3 way adjustable springs/dampers with remote canisters

  5. Motorsport Elise rotors and calipers (with a bespoke handbrake calipers)

  6. Lotus half roll cage with diagonal arm (as per Sport 190s)

  7. full carbon fibre body currently painted in Chrome Orange
    (Motorsport Elise…ie larger front spoiler and motorsport wing). Also includes CF doors with perspex side (slide) windows) saves over 60kg on original body…see previous threads on this urlfor more details.

  8. Corbeau Lotus Sport Racing seats (red cushions)

9)Speedline Corse wheels (without a scratch - seriously as new)

anyone interested in any of these items please email me privately:

[email protected]



Nice car!

I’m not personally interested in a purchase (well, I might be if I had lots more money) but thought it might help if you said if it was road legal.


I’m sure you can surmise that the cat by-pass is not. However, with a cat, this car IS road-legal and road-registered (in Australia). obviously for any who ARE interested, I’ll work something out for freight

If you want a standard engine to replace the one you are selling mine is available. I would love to get hold of some of your mods but I’m afraid I am saving all my pennies for a Honda heart transplant.

If it ended up coming to the UK, it might even be cheaper to freight without the engine, where it could meet its new heart.



that sounds like it might actually be the ultimate exige… but your so far away…

Hi Rox,

It IS a great car.As you can probably tell from the upgrade list, it’s a completely different animal to the original car. I think i calculated it to (342bhp/tonne)in its current form. And yes, it IS so far away. i’m still in two minds as to what i do with it. If it’s not financially viable to sell, then I guess I’ll kleep the ultimate Exige!!!



340+/tonne and a UCR gearbox fandabbiedoozie…