I’ve had my Exige for a couple of years now and in that time i’ve had various upgrades performed like 190 ECU, Cat removed etc. I’m now interested in doing a little more! I’ve looked into supercharging but i gather that their are problems with this given that Turbo Technics have withdrawn the product?!?

Does anyone have any better ideas for upgrades other than the Supercharger option or does anyone know why the Supercharger now has problems?

Also has anyone had any experience upgrading Exige clutches ?

Slap another engine in it if you want more hassle free power.

There are a few Honda (Civic Type-R) engine upgrades about, as well as Duratec (Ford) and Audi conversations. All add a little weight, but significantly more power/drivability.

Have you done your brakes yet. Braided lines and Pagids transform them. Then there’s the suspension, a grand on a set of Nitrons will provide a much higher quality set-up.

If you really want to spent money, there are a couple (one ridiculously expensive) 2 litre K-series engines out there, and an outrageous V10.



there is a Motorsports clutch available (AP). I have fitted it to my car, as the std VHPD made it slip.

On the upgrade path, I checked TT’s site and the 260 version is still available, and I have never heard anything about it being pulled off. You should call them if in doubt.

Other than that you can get about 210-220 fairly easily on the VHPD, with just headwork, exhaust and mapping.
Or you could go as mentioned for the Honda, or the Ford Duratec when it’s ready.

I have done the 190 mod and don’t plan to do any more for a while. Then it’s going to be shooting for 220 with the VHPD.
I find the car is not slow at all at the track and in the streets I very seldom use full throttle.

But then again I’ve had my fix of power in other vehicles, what I’m after is finesse.

what I’m after is finesse.

There’s a bloke called Atkins, who may be able to help…

There’s a bloke called Atkins, who may be able to help…

So Uncle Mike, you can recommend his diet then?

There’s a bloke called Atkins, who may be able to help…

So Uncle Mike, you can recommend his diet then?

I didn’t think things had got that bad for you, Uncle Rob, but if you are losing acceleration, try THIS LINK

is that some kinda fancy no entry sign??

Best upgrade…
Bosch Silver Plus Battery
Trust me.

Oh and then MutsNuts discs with green stuff pads.
Cos no matter what you do to the engine you want it to start and stop.

Turbo Technics have decided to stop advertising the supercharger not stop producing it now because of the toyota 190bhp engine. Most cars they do are 120bhp then supercharged to 190bhp so they say people wont pay to superchage the engine when they can get the same power standard now. They have said they might look into supercharging the toyota engine but nothing for sure yet. My exige is supercharged by them to around 265bhp and its awrsome, nothing can keep up with it. There has only been 4 supercharged exiges and around 80 elise’s so you can see with a 190bhp engine in the elise as standard there wont be much trade for them unless the do the same conversion for the toyota engine. Dont forget that its not just a bolt on supercharger its a full engine conversion so is still reliable. You could also get the brakes upgraded, mine has elise parts disc’s and pagid pads. I would recommend a supercharger any day. If your going to donington saturday ill meet you and take you out in it if you want to see it perform?

Thanks for all the input, the motor sport clutch sounds like a must have and ideally i would like to supercharge. I’m not convinced about Turbo Technics withdrawing the option due to the new Exige since i contacted them and this was the response:-

Thank you for contacting Turbo Technics regarding supercharging your Lotus Exige.
Due to a quality issue on a key engineering component fitted only to TT260 engine conversions, we are temperately unable to offer this engine system on the Lotus Exige. We are sorry for any inconvenience and are working to find an alternative solution at the present time.
All other supercharger systems (TT190, TT215 and TT230) remain unaffected. I will be pleased to contact you later once production begins, but at present have no accurate timescale.
I look forward to helping you in the future.
Sales Manager. Turbo Technics Limited.

what i’m now looking for is a good reliable company to perfrom solid upgrades and tuning to the car and one that can demonstrate their works, preferably via rolling road.

So who’s best (ideally located in the south of England somewhere given that i’m in Berkshire)?


Forget about supercharging the K series - it’s not the best engine for squeezing 250bhp plus out of it!

Seriously investigate other options such as Blink Motorsport Honda, Eliseparts Duratec or Bernard Scouse Audi conversions. All these should prove reliable, but will have different power delivery characteristics - that will then be down to your own personal choice. You should also save yourself a few quid as well There are plenty of threads on this bbs about these conversions.

Above is of course, my personal opinion.

Before somebody else says I will.

Dave Andrews if you want to get the best out of what you have - 210/215bhp is possible for sensible money.


What does Dave Andrews do?
Is the 190 already port and polished? Are there much in the way of gains for ITBs?

Check out these links…

Link 1

Link 2

This will tell you a lot, and when you have read them, ring Dave and tell him Mike Lane sent you !!