Upgrade paths for S2 NA

Morning all,

I’ve recently purchased a 2004 S2 NA and will be looking to perform a series of upgrades over the coming months. The key areas that need addressing for me, are the engine and brakes.

Starting on the engine, it needs more umph so i’ll be looking at a supercharger kit with a chargecooler to avoid heat related performance drops on the track. I’ll probably look at a 260 kit to prolong the gearbox but am after recommendations on where to get one from as Lotus have these on back order for months with no target delivery date. I’m going to place an order for a baffled sump from Seriously Lotus but are there any other areas of the engine that need to be addressed to protect the engine on the track

Brakes - There is too much dead travel at the top of the pedal and lack bite. I’m looking at a front 4pot upgrade and again, am after recommendations on caliper, pad and disc combo.

Good luck with ya journey pal, I think ap is the only way to go on front calipers, then move the std fronts to the rear, iv been using mintex 1155 pad on my exige s on track and they are awesome a good value. Theyve not failed once on std brake set up.

AP 4s front, Alcon rear, PF pads, SRF or 660, braided hoses. Worked very well for me and those who drove my car were often very complementary about the set up.

I have a Hangar 111 280s Kit - really happy with it - Give Hangar 111 a call… they can advise you of options…

The most beneficial track performance upgrades on my S2 NA competition car were suspension and brakes. I’d recommend Ohlins dampers and PF (performance friction) or Pagid pads on the current brake setup. The 4 pot BIg Brake Kit is an improvement but I would try the better pads on the standard brakes first and as Jonnyfox says with braided hoses and a fluid upgrade.

Agree, brake pads, hoses first. I always use a good quality normal fluid and change it every year.
If you are going to stay na the remapping is worth having to remove the cam kick, which is just what you do not want mid corner at high power.
Stiffer better dampers do make an improvement and reduce the wear rate on the wheel arch liners.

You mentioned fitting a supercharger. After a lot of thought, advice and investigation i went for the Lotus 220 kit. It took about a year to get the bits then Christopher Neil stepped in and got a full kit in three weeks. I got scared off other kits as SOME people have had problems and I did not want the risk of it being me adding to the list, too busy for agro. I am very pleased with it. Not really that much faster but more tractable.

I also puchased Jonny’s old brakes from his s2, which can only be described as OMG. They are a bit wasted on me.

With that, lots of instruction.

Some decisions made. I’m going to go for a Hanger 111 supercharger conversion as lotus don’t appear to be making their kits anymore (at least ones that can be ordered with a firm delivery date). I’m going to be ordering a 4pot AP Lotus kit from Seriously Lotus - any recommendations on rotors and pads for track use but with sufficient bite from cold so that they can be used on the road?

Upgraded rad (Pro Alloy?) and dual thermostatically controlled oil coolers will also be on the list. Looking to change the seats for something I can put a 5/6pt harness through - any recommendations of a FIA & HANS compliant seat that will fit into an Exige?

Tillet B6F seats fit well on fixed frames. The passengers frame may need to be slightly trimmed to get both seats in unless tillet have fixed that now.

Sell yours for 20 and buy mine for 28.5 :sunglasses:

Exige 240 (260) CUP with all the uprades you possibly ever want…

To give you a clue. Last upgrade (260 ECU/Flywheel/Cutchplate pump etc.) was GBP 4.650,-
Brand new not driven with this setup yet!

Already done

Lotus Motorsport brakes front
Lotus rollcage
Cut-out switch
Fire extinguisher
Believe this upgrade was around GBP 8.000,-

And I started with a 240 CUP!
So full adjustable Oilins suspension and oil surge system as standard.

Make a calculation yourself!

Buy a fully sorted S1.
However, since you insist:
Suspension and cut slicks(if not already)
Motul 600 and braided hoses
Personally I’d go with AP5000 front 4 pots on at least 315s with the large PCD
Performance Friction, look no further and say goodbye to your wheels.
AP 2 pot on the back, could just stick these on their specific brackets and keep the Brembos/handbrake for starters

…come back when poorer for more ways spend money

What sort of coilovers does everyone go for ?? Is nitron the only way to go or are other makes like gaz worth looking at ??

Ohlins and Quantums too. People get quite religious about dampers.

Depends on your budget, all of them are better than the standard ones, if you are not likely to fiddle with the setup just get one ways as it makes life simple, after that you can go completely mad, but be warned you might spend more time adjusting than driving :wink:

Just don’t think I could bring myself to spending 2k on nitrons. What’s the best to go for under a 1k ?

I’m only going to do between 5 and 10 track days a year, just want it all a bit stiffer on track then sofen it up for road with a turn of nob, is that possible

Look out for some nice second hand 2 way 36mm LM Ohlins then… Nitrons are crap anyway, unless you have a Honda conversion NOT :laughing:

Haha, thing is when I get something in my head I want it tomorrow haha

Spending dosh on decent suspension is money well spent. One way is fine. Nitron have done me proud. Serious Dave does ( or at least did) a’ try before you buy’ deal.

One way nitrons would be my suggestion then, used to be around £1k for a set, or newly rebuilt ohlins :wink:

If anyone has a set of ohlins or nitrons for sale that are suitable for track use, let me know :sunglasses:

Struggling for seat options that can accommodate my ample frame. The Sparco ergo large doesn’t fit so am looking for other options. Does anyone know if a Tillet b6f xl fits into the car ok?