Update to brake problems (still got 'em!!!)

Right, I managed to bleed the system properly, had great pedal feel for about an hour then it went spongy again

I got up this morning to find a small puddle of fluid on the floor, by the drivers side front wheel. i’ve checked all the hose connections, no leaks there also the level in the resevoir looks normal. i took the front right wheel off and theres a slow trickle of fluid running down the side of the chassis. Could it be likely I blew one of the seals in the master cylinder by being over-enthusiastic with the pressure I used in my easy bleed kit? I just followed the instructions and used one of the wheels to pressurise the system. I checked the pressure in the tyre before hand and reduced it to around 20 psi. This ended up spewing fluid all over the place out of the resevoir.

Anybody got any ideas? please help, I have to use my car as an everyday vehicle and i’m getting concerned my brakes may end up not working at all!!

And you surely should. There is a problem!

Without being there it’s difficult. But i would say that the problem is where the fluid is trickling from.
Is that the Master cyl? It is not on one side. but very much in the middle of the right half of the car.
If so, the fluid should appear only at the bottom of the chassis, not one side.

I don’t think you could have damaged it with the (low) air pressure, especially if you say it worked for a while.
Could it be that when you were working on it it spilled a little and that’s what you see?
And could it be that you left the fluid level a bit low and air managed to get inside because it sucked it?

Any pics?

sorry no pics, not much to look at really. only a trickle of fluid down the one side of the chassis. As for the fluid level dropping, I kept it topped up at all times.

uldis - have you used the easy bleed kit? I was a little worried when I dis-connected the air pipe from the tyre valve. It seemed to draw a lot of fluid and air back into the bottle, I was worried this may have drawn fluid out of the pipes.

The fluid trickling down could be one of three things.

  1. Spilled fluid from toping up the eezibleed bottle, be sure to risnse out that whole area as it eats away plastic faster than you think and i lost my blower fan that way.

  2. the brake pipe joint on the chassis just above the wheelarch could be leaking, especially if you have recently fitted braided hoses and it was not tightened correctly, its the connection block where the braided hose joins into the metl pipe.

  3. Master cylinder connections, unlikely but wipe them off, unlikely if they have not been workes on, but to establish where it is coming from clean off all brake pipes to that circuit then pressurise with the eezibleed and it should start leaking somewhere.

The sucking back of air disconnecting of the valave should not be able to create a big leak like that. Also it will not sraw fluid or air back into the system only the bottle,which is why it’s there, did one yesterday and it does that everytime and have a rock hard pedal now.

Hope this helps.


same advice from me as Uldis and Jason give… also if you keep fluid in the eezibleed bottle AT ALL TIMES then no-way it can suck air back into your reservoir/system. 20psi is correct so no problems there.

Your pedal was okay so sounds like you have a loose union or puncture somewhere… like others say, you need to clean the mess off and watxh everything like a hawk to see where the fluid is coming from.

Anither point of failure could be the master cylinder. There r people who bleed using the brake pedal (in our case impossible if the system was empty before) pumping like crazy. That is the best way to destroy it…if u have to do it with the pedal, do it really slowly.