Undertray Fixing Screws

Does anybody know what size the screws are for fitting the undertrays. Half of mine are missing! Also I want to replace the remaining ones with stainless steel.




8mm (well they are on mine )

Aren’t some of them self tappers? Along the back and sides.
Would be very interested if someone has found a decent replacement for them.

Hmm, I replaced a couple of mine recently but because dealers kept losing them or changing for normal ones.
The original ones for Exieg are Stainless Steel.
Cheap from Lotus (yes, 8mm)

The large ones are 8mm but all the smaller ones are 5mm I beleive …

Hmm, I think you’re right there.
Just call Lotus spares and they’ll tell you.

Mine are all 8mm, just the ones at the engine bay bit are very long, the ones securing the diffuser are very short

Then the join between the two is IIRC 5mm hex bolts… Well that’s on mine!

Not too sure about the lengths stated but I hope this helps