Ultra close ratio gearbox Elise/Exige

Removed from car and ready to go.Exellent condition.Done about 1000 miles. No lsd.Ratios are 1st 3.0 , 2nd 1.937 , 3rd 1.556 , 4th
1.273 , 5th 1.043 , final drive 3.938 .�550 with free delivery (England only).

This is closer than std S1 Exige box right?


Yes this has the quaife ultra close gears as fitted( I think) to the Elise sport race series cars.

Do all Ultra close ratio boxes have the quaife gears?

No. The Lotus UCR gears are helical, whereas the Quaife UCR gears are straight cut.

What’s the difference to operate/benefit? I understand straight cut are noiser?


Yeah Ian, you could not run straight cur gears in a car you used on the road. After about an hour your ears will be ringing. Especially as cruising at 80 ish will mean it is revving at over 4000 rpm.

However for an occasional road / mainly track car. The closer the ratios the better and straight cut is a lot stronger!!!

I like the idea of the faster acceleration, but I tend to travel for about an average of 3 hours to trackdays and that does sounds like it’d be a bit of a noise issue.

Although I could have more easily justified it when the clutch was being done.


Although I could have more easily justified it when the clutch was being done.

Maybe get it done and then use the intolerable noise to justify a trailer and tow-car to get you to trackdays…now that is smart thinking

If I was going for a pure trackcar Ben I’d get one of these!

Anybody want a ride?!


That’s a road car, it says so in the brochure

Quaife do helical and straight cut gears.These are helical and are fine for normal use.

If you want a lsd and you dont mine using a spanner by a rover coupe rover 800 turbo as they were fitted as standard with torsion diff just change the bell housing as most had t series engine not K series. Or find later k series vvc car. I just sold mine on fleabay for 125.

I assume the Lotus UCR set is actually supplied by quaife anyway. I think they call it a semi-helical cut as the angle of the teeth is somewhere between the normal angle and ‘straight’. It’s certainly slightly noisier than the standard gears, but not really loud.

Incidentally SteveJ, your car has the Lotus UCR gears.

You mean the Lotus UCR (which are Quaife semi-helical anyway)