Uldis's Engine Progress

Thought you guys would be interested to see Simon & Uldis hard at work, tolerancing the engine to Rover’s standard:



By the way, that baby produces 108920 bhp @ 102rpm

Does Simon sculpt the mini people?



my 4 extra pistons are a secret no more…

i see 9 cylinders…strange…

Erm… sory, 5! (phew!, I thought I needed glasses)

I reckon there’s one missing at the end too, making 10!

D’you reckon it used carbs or injectors the size of hose pipes!?


You’re right, it’s 10!

but for the rpm limit it would have to be big flowing and atomizing injectors. Most likely a diesel.

Just imagine the bang in each of the cyls every explosion!

I’d rather not imagine banging in one of THOSE cylinders…

108920 bhp @ 102rpm

Sounds like the sort of bhp Mikes Audi conversation will be pushing out!

Imagine the conversation …

Captain to Engine room - “why the loss of power ?”

“HGF Captain” …

"Are we still in warranty ? "