Is there supposed to be a bottle of tyreweld in the car? I had some in the Elise.


Yes. I think it’s supposed to be in the boot somewhere. I seem to remember mine is tucked away up in the right hand side.

Mine was wedged up behind the battery… not obvious at all!

On the 111R (& probs the S2 Exige) its on top of the R/H rear wheel arch in the boot.


S2 Exige = Just had to use mine, It was in the boot clamped above wheel arch on right.
Now I need 4 new tyres, Any advice on cost or where to go would be appreciated.
Yoko advan 195 50 R16
225 45 R 17

Booktrack/buyatrye where the cheapest last time I looked.

So it is Looked in the boot several times and still didn’t spot it.

Thanks for the directions.