Any advice on tyre choice availability /cost for my S2,
Its used on the road.
I’m very impressed with yoko A048’s I would like to get good mileage but handling is most important.

Erm, yeah. The car I’m buying has been fitted with Continental Sport Contact tyres. These were recommended to the previous owner by the Silverstone Race school (I think) as being much more forgiving on the road. Typically they said you’d lose a second a lap on the track but they will last much longer on the road. The increase in groove area makes them give much more warning prior to losing grip and they are much cheaper. Have a look on somewhere like www.mytyres.co.uk. They cost about �85f/100r

I’ve yet to sample them myself but I did a similar switch on my caterham from A032rs to Avon CR500s and was surprised by the difference in breakaway (but the less grippy Avons were much more expensive!).

I notice Toyo T1-Rs are available too - they’re even cheaper (�61/�85), the R888s look better but they’re just as expensive as the Yoko/LTS tyres.

Sorry I wandered off on a economy drive…oops. The Toyo R888s have a slighter better wear rating (100 for the medium compound) compared to the Yoko (60). They cost about �485 at www.camskill.co.uk so they will hopefully last a bit longer than the Yokos but still give lots of grip. The contis on “mine” will probably last forever (but they will allow me to learn the cars traits at slightly less insane speeds). PS the car does have the original Yokos too so I’ll be putting them back eventually.

Thanks for that advice, I thought about it and called in at Nick Whale bromsgrove (i bought the car from there) because I’m really impressed with the yoko’s. Anyway, they qouted me �750 + fitting + balance. I nearly died, I informed them politely that they were way out.
1 hour later they rang back with �650 all inc, so were getting closer. the other consideration is insurance approval etc etc.

Congrats on battering them down. Bookatrack are a little cheaper but it sounds like NW will be more conveinient.

If it’s going on track (and it blooming should!) Yokos (or perhaps 888s) are the only way to go.


Order placed can’t wait for sun, and yes it will be going to a track day or 2 + nurg burger :