Has anyone used http://www.mytyres.co.uk ?

They seem very cheap?!? Even cheaper than blackcircles…

I’ve used them for my old Elise and my daily driver.

I understand the tyres were imported from Germany for less than my local National Tyres could buy trade. Delivery took a couple of weeks longer than quoted but the communications were good.

Might stuggle with something so specific as A048 LTS though?

Congrats by the way


Yep. They’re fine for everyday cars. Bought Bridgestone RE040s for my Seat Cupra at less than UK trade price. Tyres were shipped from Belgium in <1 week.

Don’t expect to get LTS compound Yoko A048s from them. Simply nothing like the volumes being made / overstocked in Europe than for more common flavours of tyre.

Dealers or specialists only unfortunately. Could try them for Toyos, but I’d always recommend Tim Stevens first!

The Mister 2 is shod with tyres from them. Service was OK.

Got mi’ proxes cheaper locally inc fitting and balancing

anyone tried the toyo’s r888?

i’ve used them a couple of times for the team bus. been good, no problems for me

Rox, 888s on a large people carrier?!

Rox, 888s on a large people carrier?!

Rox is quite large, I know, but Ian, there is no need to be personal



see you both at donny…

For a curry, after the buffet?