As part of a wider business I have access to tyres at very good rates so I’m looking at putting together an Exige tyre package.

It would be for the tyres only i.e. excluding fitting / balancing either for delivery to a Lotus meet / a track day or collection by mutual convenience.

The options are either Toyo T1-S or T1-R which we currently run on a rack Exige, they are a very good road tyre although obviously don’t give you the track performance that the AO48 does, at the same time however they shouldn’t give you the wallet headache that the AO48 does.

What would be considered an extremely good value deal for a full set of either Elise or Exige tyres? Has anyone fitted these and if so what sort of money did they pay.

Would anyone be interested?

Most people seem to love the Yokos and accept the extra.

I may go for a wet weather set of either Toyos or Goodyear Eagle F1s when my 39s wear out. I believe they’re both available in Exige sizes. I’d expect to pay about half 48s for either of those.

I think you’d get more interest in Toyo R888s if they were the right sizes, about half the price of 48s, wear better/the same and known to provide similar performance.


Yoko’s are of course what we all like but for running around i’d like to try Eagle F1’s … i have been on a wet slippy track with an S2 that went like a rocket on them (although they were small and skinny as well)… so if you could get these at a shipped price cheaper than i could get them anywhere else, i’d probably get some from you.

T1S’s i wasn’t keen on but T1R’s seem to be different and i’d give them a try if you could do them cheap.

Toyo will be doing the R888 fronts in Exige sizes from this summer and they will be interesting to try out.

We could do full sets of the T1-R on a group buy type basis for about �300 inc VAT

I’d be interested on trying an R888 set on my S1 Exige (and am sure many would)
Keep us posted when you ge the sizes.