Hello fellow beast tamers, I come to confess in front of my peers - forgive me - it’s been months since I was last on the web site - I have sinned regulaly during that time - sometimes at speed. For my sins I need new tyres - done a search and don’t understand all the techno stuff. Please treat me gently. Exige S1, don’t track, used daily - given occasional thrashings - what tyres and from where. Thank you my breatheren

Three ‘Hail Marys’ and a set of Toyos should redeem you troubled one…

Thikning about it,… three Bloody Marys some AO48s and getting out on track is what is really required to cleanse your soul

I accept the penance but must implore your indulgence yet further great font of all that is holy - took the offending beast to local tyre centre - few scratched nuts - I didn’t think they should do that - and a “sorry mate, we can’t get them”. These revered Toyos - available generally or special order? In great need of rubber (ah hem) - doing a little pilgrimage from Southport to Marbella to pay homage to the great god of over indulgence and conspicuous consumption (I’ll have to stop all this waxing lyrical - my spelling ain’t up to it). Will be travelling in a well behaved convoy - mine Exige S1 standard and a Merc SL 600 (you think I sinned) - whilst upholding the Lords rules on speed - there is potential to embarrass my fellow pilgrim on the bendy bits to show why �100K doesn’t always win. Rambling again- more medicine.
Tyres - what - where - ain’t communicating great


finances are the real question here… if you don’t mind spending 550-600 ish then get a set of Yoko A048’s from yer friendly dealer or Blink Motorsport or Geary at Eliseparts.

I ain’t a fan of Toyo T1S and there has been various debate… some likem some don’t. However, the new T1R look to be an improvement and can be had from many many tyre outlets for around 300ish for a set and they will last much longer… but on bendy bits nuthin is going to stay with you on A048’s if yer geo is setup.

Miles, if you have the money (and as you don’t track it) I think A039s could be for you. Loads of grip, the wear rate is less than A048s, I think they’re more progressive in a slide (although if you do that on the road it’s several years of purgatory) and are better in standing water.

If not, then my research (probably about a year ago now) turned up they the only other realistic options in the right sizes were Toyos (which you’ve now had to discount) and Goodyear Eagle F1s. I quite like the look of those babies (nice tread) and they won Autocar�s tyre test a couple of years ago (I seem to remember, probably incorrectly). If you do go for them I’d be interested in how you get on.


Actually I prolly agree with IDG, but A039’s are really difficult to get and you probably have to goto main dealer and pay around �700 at the mo’ i reckon.

However, no doubts they are good and are the original tyre designed for S1 exige.

Are the AO48’S any lighter than the A039’S as a matter of interest?

48’s are generally lighter cos they wear out quicker

48’s are I reckon the best but the wear rate esp on the rears

Miles if you don’t track the beast Toyos are the boyos. Half the price of 39’s and last twice as long and IMHO excellent

Well a search of the net and neither of them appear to exist!

Purely going on having carried both types to the car (off rims) in the last few weeks I’d have said the 48s were heavier.


I’ve been hearing good things about the Toyo T1-R but not sure it’s available in Exige sizes yet. Might have to wait until october for that one.

Are the AO48’S any lighter than the A039’S as a matter of interest?

Just checked a set or rears on the bathroom scales
39’s 9.4kg
48’s 9.4kg

However Di recons our bathroom scales over read by about 8lbs

I too have sinned. Only two track days in three years of Exige ownership. In spite of my obvious tendancy towards road use (purely for financial reasons), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend A048s. They seem to last as well as A039s in normal use, they are phenomenal on dry roads, and for some reason I feel more confident with them on wet roads than I did with the A039s.
I’ve heard a mix of opinions about Toyos, and if price was an overriding factor, I’d maybe give them a go. As it is, I’d rather go for the best; especially as the Yokos are specifically specced to suit the Exige.

Dear fellow sinners - I told you to treat me kindly and as god’s own children you have - don’t tell the wife but money isn’t really an object - I’ve had my beast about 18 months and cannot believe how economical it has been (will I regret that comment) - spending a lump of the Church collection on rubber seems like a good investment - from your comments I’ll go for Yoko AO38’s (unless someone has an over riding argument against). Thanks for the comments - now just need to find a supplier.

Now your getting mucking fuddled!
39’s or 48’s

38’s are boobs or guns!

Now your getting mucking fuddled!
39’s or 48’s

38’s are boobs or guns!


They seem to last as well as A039s in normal use…

Scientifically this can’t actually be correct, as the 48s are a much softer rubber. But I know what you mean, trackdays certainly don’t seem to destroy the 48s in the same way the 39s get trashed.


I know it seems odd, but maybe it’s helped by having a larger area of rubber on the road, and not having small tread blocks which would flex and squirm more.

I agree with Brendan, in that as the tread blocks flex they tend to loose a strip of rubber around the edges, which gets dragged across the tread block and eventually comes off and becomes ‘marbles’ on the circuit.

This is a phenomenon associated with heat and spirited driving.

For this reason, 48s will last much longer on track, having less ‘edges’ than 39s.

However on the road the reverse is true, when less heat is generated and then the softer rubber of the 48s wears faster.

I have done many thousands of miles with both types of tyres and this was my experience, for what it is worth !!