So I need a new set this winter, what are people doing? Is everyone now going away from the 888s? If yes what for, if not who has them cheapest?

AD08R I am using now ade used them for the Hethel TD. I will not be swapping back to AD048.
Most peeps seem to be using the Avons, can’t comment on these though as I have never used them.

Avons here

I will be trying Avon’s next and have R1R on Elise

Yes, me too now that my R888’s are down to the canvass after todays rally cross track day! :laughing:

Don’t tell him that pete :laughing:

Nooooooooooooooo :laughing: :laughing:

If it ain’t broke Ade, still 888’s here and R1R’s as wets when I get around to calling Dave. Actually slight thread drift what tyre pressures are recommended for R1R’s on track?

Which Avons are people using then and where is the best place to purchase, times are getting tougher and I need to keep running costs down to be able to afford track time :frowning:

ZZR’S Ade, not that I’ve really used them in anger…yet.

Ah yes found them with a bit of hunting, not really found many suppliers yet just waiting to hear back on email about prices. Might just stick to 888’s from Dave he is very close on price (not the cheapest) but I also need some rear discs and a few sets of ally bell bolts as well

Got prices back from BMTR and it looks like the prices are really similar to 888s £591.60 inc VAT & Delivery for ZZR against £629.90 for 888s (eBay, Dave is a little bit more)
For £40 is it worth changing? Do they last longer? too many choices :frowning:

You can buy them from Avon direct and they deliver. In my opinion they are good step up from A048’s i normally use.


Buy straight from avon motorsport. I’m not sure if Lotdc get any discount, but they don’t discount retailers, even those with Avon contracts

from lotrdc;

Avon Motorsport will be present at all LCUK & Elise Trophy rounds in 2013 with stock and to provide free fitting.
If you want tyres couriered to you in the UK they charge just £12.50 per set of 4.

We strongly recommend all competitors to ‘scrub’ new tyres in. This helps increase a tyre life and also its consistency over long runs. More information on Avons Scrubbing in procedure.

Minimum cold starting pressure: 22psi (This is the pressure the tyre is set to prior to a session/ heat cycle). Running any lower than this could potentially damage the tyres sidewall construction. Avon Motorsport does not recommend specific starting pressures. This is due to the variables involved (i.e. track conditions, track and ambient temperatures, circuit layout, session length, driving characteristics).

Target hot pressure: 32psi (This is the optimum pressure for the tyre to be run at whilst at operating temperature). To obtain this target hot pressure there may be a requirement to start each tyre at different cold starting pressures; this is due to each tyre inevitably working at different levels. The cold starting pressure required to achieve the target hot pressure will depend on the variables stated above.

Avon ZZR – All Series (+VAT)
195/50R15 – £94.90
195/50R16 – £105.00
225/45R16 – £124.40
225/45R17 – £135.70
215/40R17 – £135.70
225/40R18 – £172.40
265/35R18 – £192.80

Wet – Lotus Cup UK only (+VAT)
190/570R15 – £167.09
200/605R16 – £169.40
200/605R17 – £172.48
210/635R17 – £177.10
210/640R18 – £212.52
240/640R18 – £220.22

To purchase please contact:

Christopher Askew
Avon Motorsport

Tel:- +44 (0) 1225 357314
Mob:- +44 (0) 7919 470934
E-mail:- [email protected]

Got mine direct from Avon.

Delivery was really cheap and quick.

Great tyre by the way.

Much better than AO48’s which I have used since 2004.

Really useful, just a learning curve for tyre pressures again if I change :frowning:

Do it Ade, think of it as a whole season of fresh excuses :laughing:


:laughing: :laughing: