Just reading a magazine piece that track type tyres are due to be outlawed for road use sometime in the near future. Just wondered what people will move onto for their Exiges if the defacto AO48/AO39’s arent suitable?

Quick synopsis from Evo artical. New legislation which may mean the end to track day tyres by Nov 2012.

The article says new legislation on tyre labelling and accompanying minimum standards to be introduced in November 2012 will effectively end the production of road-legal track day tyres.

The legislation states that all road legal tyres will have to display rating figures for rolling resistance, external noise and wet grip… with minimum levels to be met (which is where they think the specialist rubber will be affected.

Example tyres affected: Yokohama AO48, Dunlop Direzza, Toyo 888, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup and Avon ACB10.

wouldnt make any difference to me as i think A048’s and R888’s etc are a waste of time on the road anyway. i’ll stick to my Kumho KU31’s for the road.

I see there are some yoko AO50’s now. I will be going for some R-1Rs nect though I think

Is this the Evo article from mid 2009 following the DfT Consultation paper about wet grip/rolling resistance, or is it something new?

Has anyone heard anything “official” since mid 2009?

I would imagine that A039’s won’t come under the legislation as they are a fully treaded tyre (if a tad shallow in depth & mega bucks to buy) :confused:

thank god its coming in then as ive just bought some new ao48. just my luck tho lol

Pesky - it was from late last year, just crossed my mind to re-read as I search on for an Exige as it’s a likely victim considering the normal choice of boots.

Apparently the tyre companies arent appealing as on the whole the “decision” as it is is deemed a sensible one if not popular.

Cheers James

Nov 2012 Right.

Would the R1R be affected, tough to get hold of in the UK right now but that may change.

We’ll just have to cross bridges…however one thing’s for sure - once the manufacturers produce suitable tyres for both road & track use, the price will increase!

Is there not a big enough trackday market for the tyre companies to still produce the 48s, 888s, etc. I see people turning up to track days now with different rims with their track day rubber on. Using 48s on the road is a waste anyway really isnt it, you just dont get the chance to use them as god intended on the road.

Is this really a problem ?

Would be a problem for me - I drive to & from trackdays! (Only once had to return home on a low loader!)

However, I’d be very surprised (given the market) if the manufacturers don’t come up with something as good, if not better. Also, don’t forget that 1) Motorsport is coming under more pressure from the “Green Lobby”, & 2) most race series (incl Club eg LOT) use “regulation tyres”, so advances in tyre technology will continue.

With Pesky - OK if you come via trailer but I ve always driven back and forth to tracks - part of the motivation not to stack it!

I m sure a good alternate tyre will come along, only raising for interest.

Maybe the way round it is to use a ‘bring my wheels’ service. I think bookatrack offer such a service.

Will they bring them to a LOT day?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Not really thread related but am pissed that after all the positive posts on Seloc there is no Toyo R1-R in size 195/50R16 :cry:

Yea I saw them at Auotsport 2009 and as a wet was thinking happy days so long as 888’S are dry but I bet they’re almost just as good!

Rob make a few calls :smiley:

R-1R’s in 205/45/16 work…


What about the Kumo K70a ?