Tyres - Where, Which and How Much???

I’m in the market for a full set of 048’s. I need them before donnington on the 24th just incase it rains! I have tried B&C, Lakeside and Lotus direct they are all the same price Front �119-63+VAT Rear �146-21+VAT.

Lotus give a 10% discount to OLOC members but want �12 for shipping per set.

So it looks like Brooks are the cheapest at the moment. If anybody can negotiate a better deal count me in.

Kumho’s…??? Got a friend who races in the Kumho TVR Tasmin Challenge and of course the series runs a controlled (Kumho) tyre. According to him, they are dreadful in the wet - and his views seem to be backed up by other drivers in the series. This could of course be rubbish, and just a case of the drivers having a winge because they have to use a particular tyre, which they must buy from Kumho direct at a not particularly well discounted price. And not necessarily my opion either

A thought to consider maybe.

How about asking around on the TVR Tasmin challenge forum. I believe there’s one on Pistonheads.

Noticed at a dealership the other day a new S2 running TOYO’s (supposed to be very good) - anyone had experience of these on an Exige???

People have tried Toyos & Yoko AVS, & there is much discussion in the archives.

I can’t understand why anyone won’t use the Yokos which are made specifically for the Exige - in particular the 48s. If you are going to buy a “supercar”, then you should budget for it, & you shouldn’t compromise on safety items such as brakes & tyres.

As I’ve previously posted, I do think the 48s are still a little overpriced by �15 to �20 a tyre (bringing them to near as damn it the price of the supposed alternatives), but they are superb - especially in the dry.

Sorry for the rant - got my Scuffham “shades” on at the moment

The sw lotus guys are usually there or there abouts, especially if you don’t need the delivery

The SW Lotus guys lately quoted �180 for each rear!

I looked elsewhere…

You’re right Pesky.
I almost feel bad for wanting to try another tyre, after all, I love the handling, grip and feeling of the A048’s.
I guess it’s just the desire to find something alternative, hopefuly better (at least pricewise).
After all, if I trusted blindly Lotus efforts, I would still be running standard disks, with the result of warping a set each trackday
… and nobody would have fit the Emerald ECU
… and so many other thingies and twiddling that we do.

If I found a reasonable price for the Yokos, I will still stick to them, but the way it is now, I still want to try some other.

BTW, I’m still going to be in my A048’s at Donington


Uldis, buonas noches.

Believe me, I wasn’t having a go at you, so please accept my apologies if you thought I was. You are one of the very few Exige guys who will be able to authoritively assess the alternatives to the 39s & 48s - you are a trackday regular who certainly knows how to drive the car quickly, not to mention a budding endurance racer I will be interested to hear your views on any alternatives, once you’ve given them the “Uldis Test”

Good points about the standard issue disks, ECU etc, but… Lotus does have a good track record with the tyres

Look forward to meeting up with you again on the 23/24 Sept.

Don’t worry Pesky, I never thought you were!

And thanks for the vote of trust, I guess I would need to find the way to race (endurance, yes, I would love to do that!, just need to find a way to do it without money )

I hope the Emerald mod is all well and Ok for Doni, going to map at Emerald’s on the 23rd, and I hope the car behaves well (read my other post in Questions).



Sorry for the rant - got my Scuffham “shades” on at the moment

That will be �50 Pesky, you know the rules!

That will be �50 Pesky, you know the rules!

Robin Barsteward - website says �49.95


Did you get a price from that tyre dealer at KH today after I left?

Nope, he didn’t have the prices there, but he gave me his business card.
Will call him tomorrow.

What, are you interested too?

If we can cut a deal… although I might leave you to guinee pig them… and just go for A048’s

However, my A039’s are okay just now.

let me know

Are they Ok for Donington? (you’re coming, right?)


they will be okay for Donny but i’m not yet booked so… as its a full session… I have a problem…

Jonny experts out there… what do you think he would say to me if I asked him if there was room for a wee one ??

As I have said before, he is a very nice man, and Exiges are useful cars to have on track days - they keep the track clean and their drivers are very considerate !!!

Just to add my 2 pennies worth�

I went through the whole tyres issue a couple of months back and decided to be brave and go for a set of Toyos. The way I see it is that there are 3 choices (maybe 4 if the Khumo�s are any good), the standard A39, the stickier A38 or the Toyos.

My car had A39s on when I bought it and I have been very impressed with them, particularly when they have some heat into them. The big downside is the cost. If I were to do any track work with the car, which I�m not, I would have gone for the A38s as they have so many good reviews. I do believe that to run these tyres the spring rates would need increasing as my car already bottoms over mid corner bumps on both A39 and Toyos, this would be exacerbated by stickier rubber. The third choice, the Toyos, are the least track orientated but by far the cheapest (�290 a set) and have good reviews from people who have tried them.

I decided on the Toyos and have been very pleased with my choice. They do have slightly less grip than the A39s but for road work it really doesn�t make much difference and 99% of drivers wouldn�t be approaching the limit of either tyre anyway. I have no doubt that they would be pretty poor on the track compared to the Yokos but, for me, that doesn�t matter. I would highly recommend them. If you want to find out for yourself then let me know, I will happily take anyone out for a blast.

I think Goodyear do Eagle F1s in the rights sizes too, just to add another to the pot.

I think you’ll find the ‘bottoming’ is the tyres rubbing the wheel archs, quite normal for an Exige.

Randy, for the road, and especially the wet, you may be right, although you really should try the Exige on track. It’s amazing!


The bottoming is exactly what you mention. There are fairly pronounced scuff marks on the arches to prove it.

Im sure the Exige will venture onto the track at some stage but my other car is an 800bhp GTP Nissan which tends to make most other cars go into slow motion when on the track!. I might be taking up to Bruntingthorpe soon though as a friend has just bought an Elise and want some driving tips in a safe enviroment… Would be a shame to leave the Exige at home.

Mine is now booked into Lakeside tomorrow for a complete new set of A048s…

Cost �677-60 including VAT and fitting

They still ain’t cheap!!

PS I’m gonna be at Brunters on Sunday for the first VX national meet (I have special dispensation as an ex-owner )