TYRES - wet grip

Just about to change from original PZs on Mk 1 elise. Any recommendations? Particulary looking to improve grip in wet daily use (lovely Irish weather). Any probs fitting 225s to std wheels. thanx

Not sure about grip for other makes of tyre, but I replaced my rears on an S1 with Pirelli P-Zero 225s last August. They fit onto standard wheels with no problems. Slightly more grip in dry/wet, and look much better when viewed from behind [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image][This message has been edited by bristewart (edited 15 February 2003).]

dmac - I swapped the P0’s off mine for Bridgestone Potenza S03’s. Vast improvement all round (especially wet), however, using the larger tyres is noticable when driving hard as the tyre tends to roll more. Some people don’t like this, some don’t notice… On the road you’ll be fine.CheersSteve

I’ve had my standard Elise for three years now. I’ve just replaced the Pzero’s for Goodyear Eagle F1’s all round including the bigger 225’s on the rear (and they only cost me �360 for the set!). I’ve noticed a great improvement in the wet and can’t wait to try them on a dry track! They also won last years EVO mag’s Tyre test…

Of course you could try the yokohama Advan Neova - it was designed with Lotus for the Elise. Takes a while to bed in, but an excellent road tyre. Good dry grip with excellent wet weather ability.try www.buyatyre.com CheersChris