Tyres again

Anyone done the rounds on tyres lately?Need a complete set just about or maybe a set c/w rims (yes I know I should have jumped last year).Oh, whats the deal with the driving lights? I thought it was illegal for the driving lights to come on with the headlights? Ist time I drove the Exige at night a couple of weeks ago and found this out!!Tony

Tony,Tyres are a personal choice but (my opinion FWIW) if you need a full set then you should probably go for Yoko A048s as they are somewhat more grippy than A039s (in the dry at least - 39s are better in the wet)and are cheaper. If you only need to replace one axle and you have 39s fitted then the cheap option is to put new 39s on that axle. Whatever you do, don’t mix 39s and 48s unless it is a deliberate choice and you are fully aware of the effect on the handling(and a bit skillful when it comes to understeer (39s front, 48s rear) or oversteer (48s front, 39s rear)).WRT to driving lamps they should come on with main beam only and should not normally be on with dipped beam - this is the law not a personal opinion (whereas foglights can come on with sidelights and/or dipped beam)RegardsMike [This message has been edited by 83man (edited 01 December 2002).]