Tyre Wear

Hi allI�m a bit of a chat room virgin, so please excuse me if I do something that is socially unacceptable towards the unwritten cyber rules. At least I should be amongst friends here.I have a question about tyre wear. Although I seem to get a fair life out of my front tyres, they seem to wear the inside edge far more than the outer edges.On removing the first set of tyres I checked the tracking and it was spot on zero degrees. The second set I changed to toe in a little to try and even the wear pattern out, but this set is wearing in the same manner as the previous set. The rear has been lowered, which could mean the camber angle seen at the front of the car would changes its line of action fractionally but could this induce tyre wear with a neutral tracking setting? I don�t know�…?? Doubt it really� Just clutching at straws �… but I would be interested to hear if my problem is unique to my little baby or if others experience the same.

I’ve done 100,000 miles (inc. numerous trackdays) in mine and the tyres have always worn evenly. The only uneven wear I’ve seen is with track day freaks who do relatively few road miles and that is predominately to the outside shoulder of the front left tyre due to circuits generally being clockwise. I’ve never heard of excessive wear to the inside part of the tread before.

Thanks for the response Jimbo,At least I know now that there could be a problem with the way that the front of the car is setup. It drives fine, better than fine, but it will need looking at a little more I think.