Tyre related troubles

Hi all,

I have been looking around for some tyre prices this morning and was shocked to be told by one garage that they no longer can get the A048’s instead Yoko are replacing them with an A460??

Is this true or is it just that they have a job lot of A460’s out the back?

If this is the case, has anyone already got a pair on? - what are they like?

I have been told that they don’t have the semi slick tread that the A048’s have - boo hoo!!

Many thanks

I had no trouble sourcing '48s a couple of weeks back, B&C, camskill etc

Went for R888’s in the end and saved �50 a corner.

had some front A048s from B&C last week for �330

had trouble sourcing a set couple of months ago but this time eliseparts have them in stock. they don’t last very long these A048s do they.

Easy buy R888’s just as good, maybe better imho!