tyre date stamp on Yoko A048

sounds like a silly questions but I genuinely can’t figure it out/find it on the tyre wall?


Is there a DOT code visible anywhere on the sidewall (the letters ‘DOT’ followed by a load of numbers/letters?) It’s normally there, the last 4 digits should be the date code e.g. 2318 would be week 23, 2018. Sometimes in a separate oval.

Example shamelessly stolen from another forum :smiley:

It’s also sometimes on the inside sidewall.

Also this :mrgreen: Most annoying if the wheels/tyres are still on the car :thumbdown:

I think it must be! Job for the weekend then.

Thank you.

What is the road-legal situation with A048’s now? There seems to be a lot of conflicting information. My understanding (but happy to be corrected!) is that:

  • Any currently fitted tyres from earlier production (inc. LTS-marked) are okay until end of life
  • New A048’s are not E-marked so aren’t road legal but are on the 1C list for motorsport
  • They were replaced by Yokohama for road use with A052