Type RR 260bhp and a sequential box


Ooh… wonder if all the ECU stuff can be made to work in a converted car ? - could be stonking!

Ooh… wonder if all the ECU stuff can be made to work in a converted car ? - could be stonking!

cheap as chips OEM sequential. Yummy.

I will be camping outside the scrappies until the first one of these comes my way.

Is it going to be officially sold in the UK, or only Japan, I wonder? Anyone know?

That car will retail at, wait for it…

only �64,749!

Bargain! :lol

Think that’s just the cost for the prototype in the article, i’d be amazed if Honda retail it for that, or if the finished car still has the sequential box.

Here’s to hoping though…

need some to be written off so we can have the engines

Calm it guys. Its a misunderstanding from auto express…

JAS Motorsport make/spec that Civic!!

Give me a minute and ill give you the links!!

this is just the JAS motorsport rally car, not hondas official offering


Honda tasked JAS Motorsport, an Italian-based company that has successfully prepared a variety of Hondas for European championships since 1998, to create a racing kit for the new car so it can compete in FIA R3 (up to 2-litre) rally series in 2008.

With a few mods the kit is also suitable for 2007’s Group A regs. The kit costs approximately �50,000 (not including the car) but does give you 240bhp.

The kit includes a new 6-speed sequential gearbox, competition brakes, shock absorbers, suspension components, roll cage, reinforced driveshafts and a state-of-the-art limited slip differential. You also get lightweight carbon-fibre door panels, dasboard trims and floor panels.

JAS Motorsport is also considering making parts available for road cars.

Look familiar
[image]Jalopnik | Obsessed With The Culture Of Cars
[image]Jalopnik | Obsessed With The Culture Of Cars

Really interesting.

That roof scoop makes more sense now.

I wonder how much oomph that sequential box can take?


Was it just me thinking it had a rather oversized spoiler for a sec?