Two oil-leaks

Hi all!I have noticed an oilleak from the headgasket (can be seen from the left side under the ignition-distributor). My car has about 11000 miles on the clock.There is also a leak a bit higher up somewhere close to the plastic cambelt cover, around where the oilstick goes in to its tube. Is there anyone else having similar leaks. Can it be oil pressed up in the stick-tube due to the high pressure on high revs maybe?The one year guarantee goes out in late october, and I would of course like to have these things sorted before that. Maybe the cyl. headbolts only needs tightening?

FelixI “appeared” to have a similar problem under the coil pack. However, upon closer inspection it was oil spilled by me when I was topping up. With the spark plug cover taken off, I could remove the oil - quite a bit had settled around a couple of the plugs!The second “leak” could be as you describe, but perhaps oil could also be becoming from top up spillage, which has run to the cambelt side of the engine?Hope it’s nothing serious!

Hello Pesky, thank you for your answer. Sad to say, i�m quite sure it�s not from oilspill when topping up. I did the same as you and got oil round the sparkplugs. After that I washed the engine, and after the last trackday the leaks reappeared.Hopefully someone has a clue to why my oil goes the wrong way.