Twin Exit Exhaust... Updated some more!

Looking at swapping to a twin outlet exhaust on the S2 Exige.
Had a quick look yesterday, I know I need to remove the two rear grills for new ones to allow for the new tailpipes, but what about the heat shield I can see behind my existing grills?

Do I remove the heat shield or cut it back?

Anyone else done this?

Can’t find any videos to find out how loud they are or how they sound, so gratuitous pics and videos welcome.

Yeah the done thing is to trim off the trailing side of the heatshield so you retain the boot floor protection on the horizontal top piece.

An alternative to the grilles could be to go 2-Eleven style and go grill-less, either with a panel eliminator kit (most vendors have their version of one), or with some custom rods to support the diffuser.

I considered it for my first Elise because I felt the Rover twin exit looked loads more “finished” than the Toyota afterthought. Never did get around to it though!

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It all started with seeing pics from a guy called Visual Echo’s on The Lotus Forum in the States.

Have bought some new, never fitted grills from SELOC classifieds for less than half the price of new. Never see them for sale and fate pulls them up :+1:

Will get a new exhaust ordered tonight, looks like Hanger 111 are the only place selling them.

One of the first things I did to my car was to put on the Hangar111 twin-exit exhaust and panel eliminator, then went for the panel trims with holes to fit the exhaust through - looked really good and I still have the panel in the garage… I thought the exhaust sounded great. I got convinced by 2bular that it was sapping power so ordered an 8” system from them instead and then used the panel eliminator ever since…. I can see if I can find photos if you’re interested mate…

Ahh, 2bular… never again, thats a completely new thread.

Not thought of the eliminator panels, will have a look into that as an option.
Any pics greatly appreciated :+1:

First is when I fitted it, complete with eliminator, second is after I got the panel installed :slight_smile:

Cheers Matt. I honestly cant decide which i prefer now :confused:

The rear grills i saw on SELOC were for a 2004 Exige, mine is 2007 with the different panels.

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I note on the top image you have a black graphic and the bottom image not.

Is this a Lotus option / alternative available part?

I had it done by a local specialist… I liked the look when they did it on some of the Elise’s. I think it really sets the back of the car off - especially with the yellow…

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I agree - looks fantastic.

Thank you Hornet, i like the look so going to order. Hopefully not as “boomy” as the undertray exit exhaust.

It’s not… it’s quite a deep note… not too boomy either

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As I mentioned earlier, I liked the note of my H111 dual-exit exhaust - and it was quiet enough for track usage too :slight_smile:


I have been speaking with Larini this week.
Their twin exit exhaust is popular in the US but not the UK. Last year they sold 30 to the US but only 1 in the UK, they have one in stock and I have it.


As well as fitting the new wheels today, and realising the rear centre caps wont fit, i have stripped everything ready for the new exhaust.
Im trying to locate some rear grills with the holes without success :-1:


Looks mega, John! Do you have any idea how loud that can is? It looks tiny! :face_with_peeking_eye:


Not sure how loud. It doesn’t have a deep tone, its more of a raspy sound that howls further up the range. Should know this time next week.

If anyone has the rear grills with holes, please let me know.

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I really like the look of those twin exit exhausts. Look good, nice symmetry on the rear. :thinking:


A few goodies turned up today.
Larini back box and Hanger111 grills to accept the exhaust.
The grills are brand new, never fitted and £35 from a guy selling on SELOC, rather than £120 from H111. Need to slightly modify the grills by removing two rivits.

Hope to get time tomorrow to fit everything back.

Bit of a steal there!