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“It’s twatting quick and it oversteers like a bastard” raises a smile every month,…thanks for the reminder Pesky.

not another one

written on the back of a geography exercise book by Alexei Shevchenko, that Smolenski is a “gaylord”.


“At the moment we have simply no idea how many ocelots there are in this country,” Professor Freeply explained. “Using motorists to track ocelot kills we can start to build up at least a rudimentary picture. I would urge all drivers to take a moment at the end of long journey to count the number of dead ocelots that have got stuck to their number plate or perhaps became plastered inside the wheelarches. For truly accurate data logging I would even ask that people check for additional ocelots jammed in air intakes or parts of ocelots that have became wedged inside the engine”.

Whats an Ocelot? - cant find it in the parts manual

I like the Motorsport section.