Turn to Sky 1 for the Race & S2

Just about to show some poor S2 Exiges getting a hard life in the hands of celebs.
1st time I have seen Eddie for a while too

I saw an ad for it on the side of a London Bus, but they were S1 Exiges. A pink and a blue one. Hopefully just mocked up for the ad. Shudder to think there might be a pink S1 out there!

yeah ive also seen this ad. Its definitely computer generated as the exiges have crumpled bonnets.
watched it again last night and it just pi$$ed me off.
Very fifth gear esk with very little footage…

Has to be the biggest load of crap I have watched in ages…

Agreed. The first episode was just barely watchable for the Exige content. Other than that it was just rubbish

I gave it a go last night. They rolled one of the trucks so just had a time trial up and down a field, taking out the jumps, in the remaining one, utter nonsense. Then they argued about the result in the studio, unbelieveable utter nonsense!

I my mind it was much more dangerous than Top Gear, where at least the drivers have some skill/training.


Have to agree, carried on watching hoping it would get better but it didn’t. What was the race director doing when he awarded everyone 5 points !!

It was much more entertaining watching Jason Plato S**t himself when he firstly had to roll the ford sierra onto its roof at 40mph, then jump out of a crane from 50Ft up in the air onto an inflateable airbed…