Turbotoaster... Are you there?

Mmmm, been a while with no new posts from Lee… I must admit, I found them quite enjoyable!

Missing the xcentric but neat build thread… Did it get “toasted”??? :unamused:

Update please!!! :wink:

I guess he’s getting ready for the Snett trackday with Will next week…

Wish I was going :frowning:

I think he has posted an update or two on SELOC. Plus he has been spotted driving it on the roads :open_mouth:

Yep im still here, just getting ready for snetterton on monday as this will be the first real test of whether using this engine was a good idea or not.

Done quite a few things, today ive fitted a brand new set of kumho v70s, finishing prepping my new trailer and made super long ramps, made my rear wing more adjustable, made diffusers in my splitter, tonight installed my PF race brake pads, basically generally keeping myself busy trying to get the car ready.

At snetterton the car will be nowhere near done, the car will be running higher than I want it to be, the aero is only half done.

Tomorrow I will be starting to load the car with all the tools, parts and fuel I think I will need.

From my view point theres a 33% chance that i will actually enjoy the day, another 33% the engine will pop and 33% I will crash…so overall im optimistic.

Ive got my camera running for track so no matter what the outcome of the day I will have at least got some footage of it in action.

And when I say long ramps, i really do mean it

Best of luck. Hope it goes well.

Looking forward to seeing it in action on Monday. See you there.

Best of luck.

:thumbup: Good luck indeed

Have fun and good luck! :>)

thanks for the kind words guys, just got home, learned alot, met some really nice people.

Some things work on the car, others dont at all, so ive got a to do a bit of a strip down to make the changes, but i didnt blow a rod out of the block and actually it was a bit of fun, theres loads of time left in the car as i wasnt even making us of the aero as I havent learnt to do that yet, im uploading a video, but to be honest its a bit embarrasing as I make some many mistakes on it that loose count