Turbo technics supercharged exige?

Hi peeps,
Have an MR2 Turbo with around 280 bhp at the mo, but have the oppurtunity to get a supercharged exige! Apart from the stunning looks, i’d love to have it, but are there any pitfalls to the sc version other than fuel, and extra tyre wear?? Any info would be appreciated.

Mr Admin should be along in a minute with all the gen… but I think cooling is the main problem. ??

Would WI be a possible solution?? I have no experience of SC cars, only turbo’d cars!

I saw one pop a toe-link at Anglesey. Thankfully no damage and fixed within the hour by friendly fellow owners (take a bow Mr & Mr Edwards). I’m not sure they’ve got the best reliability record [that’d be the SCed cars, not the Edwards].

When you say extra tyre wear do know how much that costs?! If you use the proper Yoko rubber (and if it’s on track you REALLY should) you’re talking about 5000 miles for the rears on a std engined car. With a the increased speed of a SC the fronts are going to take a bigger beating to. The brakes will probably like some beefing up too.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s hardly a better car on the planet than an Exige, and a faster one has to be even better, but a super-charged one will come with ownership issues.


The MR2 Turbo is pretty bad on tyres. The rears will get about 5-6000 miles on them, and normally double that for the front. The MR2 will do 0-60 in around 5 seconds dead at then moment, so things like tyre wear, brakes, etc are not a problem. I am more concerned with whether the sc version is so hard on the engine that it cannot take the boost, too much strain on drive shafts, etc. What exactly are the mechanical reliability problems you refer to?
Cheers, and sorry for being a pain!

I’m afraid, not having owned one, I don’t have all the details. Have you tried a good search of this site? There’ve been lots of conversations.


Hi Andy,

I owned a TT260 Exige for a while. I think too few TT260 cars have been made to establish a true picture of how reliable they are. I had problems with mine, but then mine was the first they converted and that needs to be taken into consideration.

It will be harder on your gearbox, though it will have an uprated clutch. Fuel wise it’s no different from a standard Exige when pootling around, it’s only more thirsty when you’re gunning it, but that’s to be expected.

If you’re unsure about it, ask to have it taken to TurboTechnics for a quick once-over.