Turbo map--"Newsflash"

Did a few small tweaks early this afternoon on my Exige Turbo…

300 BHP barrier broken. Now working on boost etc, should know more this afternoon


what do you think a safe level to go to is ?

I see there 340 Bhp kit has all these extra’s
Forged pistons 82MM
Ring set
Crower Billet Rods
Eibach valve springs set
Golden eagle sleeves

The USA levels are different to here. We have removed 6 degrees advance from the supplied map but we have much better fue in UK.

We will probably stop at c300 BHP anyway but are now chasing torque uplift.



Well we have had enough for today. We need to do a few mechanical tweaks 2moro when the car is cold.

Today we reached 300.6 BHp at 7700 rpm and 225lb-ft in a virtually straight line from 4300 till 6700 rpm…

We have the air fuel ratio where we want it, now need to get the boost controlled how we want and then add back some of the ignition we removed at the beginning of todays mapping.

Expect it finished by just after midday if all goes well…

Cheers for today


Mind if I pop by for a quick looksee tomorrow?

im loving the thought of this! i wish i was closer…

then add back some of the ignition we removed at the beginning of todays mapping.

Good work!!!

How much ignition are you going to add back in? What factors are you going to take into account and how are you going to know when to stop?? As we know ignition is totally where its at, but it can be addictive, with a hole in your piston the reward for having to much!


Bob please feel free to drop in.

Sean as long as you go gently say 0.5 degree at a time with det cans on you know when its almost “full” then you back off 1 or 2 degrees for safety. The ECU working from its own compensation tables will scale accordingly if you then experience atmospheric changes or temp changes or load changes etc

So the big quest is when will it be fully customer ready?

Monday afternoon it will be ready to drive & get a feel for it. We had a small delay today. Chris had to go away from 10-00 this morning and hes not back yet.


We finished the Exige mapping this morning.

Result is 305.9 BHP at 7500 rpm.

Torque is a peak 228lb-ft at 4300 rpm and it stays above 220lb-ft from 4060 rpm right through until 7400 rpm.

It drives really well.

Monday & Tuesday are “tidy it” all up days. Put undertray back, put lambda back in etc etc.



simply awesome…