Turbo Exige Results

Here is a link to a small write up on Logan’s car sumarising results achieved recently. This weekend he won a gymkana event against some pretty stiff competition, I am really pleased that he is using the car not only for drag racing which is what he built it for, but is really starting to enjoy it on the track as well.

To put it in perspective a stock std Exige at the event was doing 170km/h at the end of the gymkana’s flying 400m, Logans speed was 226km/h.

I’ve just gotta try my best to not get tempted by all that power every time i drive in it, it’s one of thos cars that make you grin from ear to ear every time he goes through the gears, i find myself giggling like a schoolboy every time he hits the high boost.

Orange Exige article

Good to see the spoiler’s back on it.