tt260 Exige

its on pistonheads for �18999. sounds like a nice price to me.

How reliable are these on a long term basis?

I understood the TT260 to be alot less relaible than the TT215 or TT230 - it’s the only I’ve heard problems about

It seems an absolute Bargain to me; having driven one of the 260TT they are really quick machines and they are desined with a very useable power delivery. Over the past they ahve been given a bad name for unreliability but when i looked into this before i purchased a TT car, it turned out to be untrue.

The TT 190, 215 and 230’s tend to be based on the Elise K series engine, where as the 260 is on the VHPD Exige unit. The reason for unreliability issue is based on the VHPD unit over the non VHPD.

So in short it is like saying that an Exige in general is unreliable; Which just isn’t true …

They are a great car - infact a fantastic car and massively underrated. In years to come this will be the Lotus collectors car of choice…

Over the past they ahve been given a bad name for unreliability but when i looked into this before i purchased a TT car, it turned out to be untrue.

Not sure how you can say that, I watched the development of the kit, and we all know the pains of Mr Admin, who had the Exige mule…then there was the abortive attempt to fit a TT260 into a 340R. I don’t know how many kits there were but there must have been at least 4 or 5 VHPDs that seemed to go bang on a regular basis.

The TT260 will only ever be a footnote in the engine history of Exiges - something that was tried but ultimately failed (judged by the number of people who put their hands in their pocket for one - as opposed to Hondas and Audis).

How much was the TT260 conversion?

btw a VHPD just sold for �2.5k on ebay - anybody want one?

On my research which included two local lancashire owners who had nothing but praise for their cars and the quality of the conversions. This seemed to be mirrored by other owners around the UK - the general opinion of the owners i spoke to seemed to agree that a few headling cases had given the TT260 a bad rep for the wrong reasons…
Anyway I stand to be corrected as i don’t profess to be an expert on the TT260…

Although I seem to remember Mr Admin saying he thought his TT260 was an awesome car; however it could well have been tongue in cheek !!!

My TT260 had quite a few gremlins early on in it’s development, not helped by being the guinea pig car… but before I sold it, it had been reliable for a good while… but then there was the nagging doubt of how long that would last for.

I think things have moved on since 2001/2002 and 260bhp would a good starting point for an Exige, rather than where you want to end up, and I’m not sure how much more you can tune the already stressed TT260.

Chris owned my car for longer than I did and piled on far more miles, so he’s the man to pass comment really.

How much was the TT260 conversion?

I think it was more than �10k at the time it came out

Pegbox - its good to know that there are TT260 owners out there that are realy happy with their cars, having had a brief passenger ride in Mr Admins it was certainly a really fast car.

TT have to be applauded for doing what they did at the time they did it. If there was a car with a kit fitted it wouldn’t be a reson not to buy it, but it would sit alongside a standard VHPD in terms of worrying me about how long it would last. If a car had an Audi or Honda engine in it then I would probably jump at it.

i loved that car so much i ended up buying it back after i sold it and if i didnt have a Honda powered one now id still have it back again so it cant be that bad. So now you’ll say but ive gone down the honda route but i only did that cos i sold the tt260 to get an evo then i wanted the exige again but there was only standard ones for sale. I couldn’t go from a tt260 to a 192 it would just feel to slow so i put the honda in. I wouldn’t pay the 12k to convert it to a tt260 over the same price for the Honda but if you didnt want the expense of a conversion you cant go wrong with a tt260 for 19k. Ive spent over 20k making my Exige how i want it now so when you look at about 37k for my Honda or 19k for the tt260 it sounds a good price to me.

Was TT260 much faster than your current Honda conversion ?

no ive got a supercharged Honda but the tt260 was still fast it could do with lsd though really.