Trouble accessing via iPad

As above. Ok on iPhone and laptop. Just wondering why this has just happened yesterday and today

I think you are using Safari there @thommo ?

I am trying to procure an iPad to test it on. Works fine on my iPhone

Edit : Threatened my youngest and nabbed his iPad. Loading fine here.

I havent made any changes to the site so I think its localised to at your iPad. I will suggest clearing you cache on your iPad as first port of call.

Thanks, Andy. Will do as you suggest.

FWIW, I’ve seen similar on my iPhone for a few days… refreshing normally sorts it, but sometimes it doesn’t….

Sorted. Used the tried and tested method: switched off, switched on!

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I havent changed any config since Sunday. Ill push the server over at some point this weekend.

It’s working fine at the moment :man_shrugging:


Let me know if you experience any issues again.