Triple C this month - Power output

Very interested to read the DW pages this month.Exige ( who is it ? ) tested with 190 conversion and only 164 BHP - then throttle adjusted and 185 BHP [image][/image]DW comments that this was a small opening extra and couldn’t beleive it … seems that the Exige TB’s could be sensitive to this - makes me want to check again I know I could move mine a bit but thought it wasn’t worth bothering about … maybe worth another look for those down on theoretical power [image][/image]

Wasn’t that Simons Exige? It’s a common problem with the Elise throttle body too although most of them have now been adjusted to fully open.

AndrewYou may recall I started RR debate 6 or so weeks ago - subsequently found that throttle was not opening fully - no power inc after 7k revs - adjusted it - power diff is now sorted and v noticeable - all way to 8k. [image][/image]Don’t know whether to retest on RR tho’ - may prove me wrong!!Simon

GuysI must have missed this one, have not heard of this problem before.Is this fixed by adjusting the throttle cable to ensure full movement or are there adjustments that need to be made in the throttle butterflies themselves - an idiots guide would be much appreciated

Mark,It could be a loose cable or the mechanism at the throttle pedal.The thing to do is remove the airbox and have some one press the pedal to the floor, the butterflies should go horizontal, if not check the cable is tight, if it is, get on your back under the foot well and adjust.

When I got my Exige, the throttle was only opening 80-85%It’s a common problem

Simon Exact how much extra movement did you get ?Taking the airbox off is a bloody pain and the car is high up on axle stands at momment.I have about 5-6mm of movement ( on the cable) before I hear the stop on the spindles.Thanks

Miniman!I have been hearing about this"taking the airbox off to adjust the throttle opening" thing.It is much simpler than that, you don’t have to take the airbox off.Simply look at the middle of the throttle bodies, where the throttle cable ends, the cable joins a cam. With the engine off, have somebody (in my case my 9 yr old kid) go inside the car and step on the throttle as far as it can go.Then you touch the cam and try to twist it futher. If it can still move further, it means that it is not opening fully.Adjust then the throttle cable stop (there, the one just before the cam).Now you turn the engine on and see if your idle is still normal. If it waaaay high, turn off the engine and slack a bit. Continue slacking until the idle is normal.That is as far as that adjustment will go, the cable has been adjusted.If the cam could still move you’d want to adjust below the pedal.That part I haven’t done, since with the cable adjustment my car was OK, but I have read that it’s straightforward. I’ll give it a look today.No need to take the box off. [image][/image]Uldis [image][/image]

UldisYep - checked it that way and there is movement but it seems my throttle pedal is really loose - the whole multiplier lever is almost falling off - so maybe thats where the issue is !!CheersAndrew

AndrewDitto - as Uldis - didnt bother taking airbox off - just got son to depress throttle fully, then checked if the throttle quadrant could open any more by pushing with screwdriver - adjust as Uldis and at pedal end…Unbelieveable, cheap result - 16bhp for nowt!! Oh Happy Days [image][/image]Simon

Mini,that was the first thing I noticed when I bought the Exige, the throttle linkage loose.Get down below the dash, get the couple of screws that hold the linkage out.You will now have the linkage in your hands and will see that it is all held by one nut. I have read in past posts in the bb that the Exige has come with different nuts, some plain, some nylocks, some self-locking ones.Mine was nylock but it was still moving out. Just used some threadlock and tightened it as much as I could before the linkage stiffens.It has never loosened again.15 min. fix, some more free HP. [image][/image]Uldis

UldisI made a complete new bush for the lever from bronze.And now I have a solid pedal and full throttle - no adjustment required.All I need is some suspension so I can drive it [image][/image]

Good stuff!I guess that means then that you had driven it for a while loose, right? [image][/image]I didn’t give mine time to wear out, was pretty snug just by tightening it but still have to adjust an extra couple of mm’s out on the pedal side. I guess I’ll do it this weekend.Keep on delaying that and installing the veriners, choosing instead to go out for a ride [image][/image]Uldis

We also only had about 75% throttle until October.