Trickle Charger

I’m sure this has been covered before but…I’ve just seen a solar powered trickle charger with either cig lighter or crock clips, just wondered if anyone had one and if so whatchathink? It’s either this or I get some lecky put in the garage! Anyway this is the web address it’s �30.00 plus P&P … Regards Peter

Unless your garage ain’t got a roof, how will the solar powered jobbie work for you??? [image][/image]Get some lecky installed, you can then dissappear into the garage when the missus turns up the heat - I do [image][/image]

Ha Ha! great idea!!actually I have a V.small window so thought I’d stick it there…! Hmm but on second thoughts the lecky has distinct advantages [image][/image]Peter

I bought a BattMan last year and it helped a bit. I’m not sure that the charge is greater than the alarm’s drain so you’re just helping really.Sadly, you can’t use the cig socket with the ignition off (see towards the end of - Now the car is covered more I intend to have the solar panel in the shed’s window and trail the lead to the car just outside. So a quick trip to Maplin is required for another plug and longer lead.Ian [image][/image]

Ok Ok Pesky you win!! I’m going to put some lecky in next week…Thanks for the info on the Battman Ian, I think due to the crap weather it’s gonna have to be the real thing, plus I get to escape occasionally (thanks for the hint Pesky!)Peter