Trickle charge - advise please

Hi, firsly Hello to the forum. I bought Nathan’s S1 a couple of months ago after 3+ years in an Elise. Finding it more different than I expected!!
I bought a solar battery trickle charger (half price at �9.99)from Maplin this morning, could anyone advise me if the battery can be/is best charged via the cigarette lighter on an S1 or would I have to connect it to the battery terminals?

Hi Fella - I dont think so. The socket is pretty crappy anyway and a better bet is to wire it straight to the battery. I’m sure I tried mine on the exige and it didnt work through the lighter?

I have a similar charger on my old MR2. it sits between the glass panel and the headlining panel in the T bar roof. Works well but not when it’s parked in the garage…

Got an Accumate thingy and this works really well. I need to get a couple more as I am currently swapping it between my bike Elan Exige and MR2.

They come with a wire which can be screwed straight onto the terminal posts. The little connector (same as a NiCad connector on RC car batteries) can be discreetly placed so you just connect up when back in the garage.

Also come with croc clips.

Hope this waffle helps…a bit


Ciggie socket is ignition switched so not much use for a charger …

Direct to battery or find the hidden connector in the loom behind the seats