trax 07

does any one know if any lotus clubs are meeting at this show as most car clubs are there plus a chance to have a couple of cheap sesions on full track or is this not an lotus sort of meet ?.i am new to exige ownership so would be nice to meet up with some other owners .

Get yourself booked up matey .

Or just go spectate if you likeā€¦


would be good but as its my first trackday thought a couple of sesions would do to start with .cheers though

Who was in the blue S1 Exige at trax then? It looked very nice. I got the audi engine sorted so had a few sessions and what a conversion it is.

seen the blue one there it looked nice .my first track sesion and wow it was bloody great what a car

my car was the yellow s2 by the way

i saw you out in the yellow s2 it looked nice. Mine was the old yellow Elise s1 its a bit rough at the minute but will soon be back to a high standard with the Exige clams ect. i dont think i went out the same time as you did though.