Transparent Motorsport engine cover

Just wondering if anyone has heard of one being available. I’m thinking of the material used for the hill climbing 340r special (same as RC cars?) or Ferrari engine covers. I don’t want to admire my engine but would like to see more of what’s behind me than the mirrors provide.


ps those rear mounted camera things are too expensive!

Na, not heard of something like that. However, with the smoked finish peeling off several original ones I think there may be a few people interested if you work something out.

Not that I’ve ever found rear visability too much of a problem, what with the wing mirrors. I even drove for a while without a rear-view mirror when it fell off.

ps those rear mounted camera things are too expensive!

And heavy!


Thanks Ian, should have mentioned though that I have the Motorsport body including cover with slats at the moment (and no mirror supplied/fitted). I was gently reversing at the weekend checking both mirrors but a car had crept up behind me so that it wasn’t visible in either of the mirrors. Nearly became an embarassing incident.


Need to reverse by ESP, nearly hit my trailer on the weekend. Have to fit gull wing door’s sometime so that the Countach technique could be used.


I was thinking about this … and saw at the 'ring an Exige with the standard cover and NACA ducts ( clear ) in it.

I guess that you could loose the frame and have just the polycarbonate and do the same with a standard cover - just repaint the blackout so it looks OK …

As my frame is seperating from my cover I’m gonna give this a go sometime - ( I have a spare standard cover )

At 1200 quid new I think you want to practice on a SH one though …

kelvedon had one on an Exige/Motorsport Elise at a previous Donington Show - see HERE

That one would be pretty useless, probably more for showing off your engine bay. You need the transparency lower down, where the Lotus badge is.

have to agree that a duct that high up is not going to be very useful. I consider the vents in the cover to be more useful for getting rid of heat soak so to speak, letting the hot air which radiates up out at low speed or when staionery. Some ducts in the clam with tubing directed to the engine or gearbox are of alot more use when moving, i have run some tubing using a splitter to the alternator and gearbox as the left side vent is purely for the airbox now, and must admit that even at low speed the car battles to go over 89 degrees where it used to get up to 92 regularly.

Most important thing is to make some cut outs in the rear number plate area to give the hot air somewhere to get out of when you are moving, it’s a low pressure area so the air will suck itself out at high speed.

i opened the rear clam where the number plate is, but have to say that the air flow is opposite of what i was thinking.
The air enters!

I have the motorsport cover and also opened the rear fake vents.

Strange, how did you come to the conclusion that air anters froom the rear plate opening?

And as of the rear fake vents, you’re talking about the ones with the reverse and fog light, right?

Uldis i fitted a thread on the grill and had a look from the cabin when moving. At any speed the thread was inside.

yes, the rear fake vents r the one u mentioned…not more fake on my car.

hey Nicolas… what gear were you in…

hey Nicolas… what gear were you in…

Reverse, apparently

Was it a good quality cotton thread and of what colour

Makes sense that with teh standard short diffusor panel the air will create vortexes in that area, hence rear end lift. Perhaps the longer diffusor will help. Will try it and let you know, you now have me thinking, i am curious to see if the roof scoop would direct more air to that area, still think i am gonna put some vents on both sides at the filler cap area, try and get some forced air into the entire engine area.

U r right guys…i may be wrong because i was sitting in the wrong direction to have a look at the engine bay…