Transmission Noise ?

Had the car for about 3 weeks and am now getting a little paranoid about the amount of ‘chatter’ from the transmission. Gear selection is fine and the car drives great. Am I concerned over nothing ?Pesky…Sorry I missed you at Oulton, I got my dates wrong. Nearly went up on Wednesday instead !!

thats normal, you are on about the gear box noise when you lift off the throttle. It adds to the race car feel…

On the overrun I expect it, but I am getting a fair bit of noise under acceleration, that is whats bothering me !

Just cured my problem… Found a nice 17mm Snap-on spanner wedged down the off-side of the engine, removed it and now sound as a pound !A little embarrased as to where my car was serviced though !!!Will find out who has lost a spanner tomorrow !!

Snap On you say…dont tell em…I’ll bid a tenner for it